The Lightness Matrix 3: GRANDE SEARCH

where Parer Place Urban Screens

when 12 - 30 September

time Dusk until 9.00pm

tickets Free - no booking required


The Lightness Matrix 3: GRANDE SEARCH is the third of The Lightness Matrix trilogy by Glen Henderson.

The Lightness Matrix 1 developed as a series of codes and conventions in an exploration of natural form. It involved the aesthetic linking of organic patterns seen through the microscope to recent innovations in survival generated architecture. In The Lightness Matrix 2: SPACE, the heroine continually challenges outer boundaries and forges new frontiers, and yet she never quite succeeds. Like the Hubble telescope that ascends into space in the last frame of M2, this frontier behaviour - the selling of one's soul for knowledge and skill - is always at the risk of metaphorically crashing to the ground.

Matrix 3, shaped by the philosophy of the 'Grande Search', launches its dramatic journey into outer space. The aesthetic dreaming of the heroine of the story threads its way frame by frame through the personal, the spiritual and the universal to investigate why people might make the decisions they do. There is always machinery grinding below the surface here to ensure that the mystique of the grand search remains open to interpretation and to expansion. Each Matrix work does grow darker, a deep and obscure darkness, rather than a doomed darkness. It is uncertain where this journey may lead. The promise is that along the way there will be many doors and secret crevices where expansive/optimistic or perhaps darker stories will require awakening.

Matrix 3 sound collaboration: composer Erik Griswold of Clocked Out.

Download the media release (pdf - 188 kB)

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