Contemplation: Chinese Expression

WHEREParer Place Urban Screen
WHEN11 to 22 April
TICKETSFree (outdoor screening) | 6.00pm til dusk

Contemplation: Chinese Expression presents six media artists from the Beijing Film Academy as part of an international work exchange.

These art works share an aesthetic connection through the utilisation of poetic and mesmerising visual language. Conceptually these works are linked by a broad environmental theme, with a vast scope for interpretation. The range of readings, from political to social, expands substantially when the artists' cultural backgrounds are taken into consideration.

Beijing Film Academy is the only higher education institution in China specialising in film. It has a significant reputation in the field of film and cultural art both in China and worldwide.

Zhangyi, Natural Voice, 2008, 4:19
Zhang Ci-Yu, Condition, 2009, 3:46
Yang Hua, Lighting, 2009, 0:58
Jiang Yang, A Travel, 2007, 6:33
Jiang Yang, Gas & Matter, 2007, 2:57
Jiang Yang, Flower Wall, 2000, 2:00

Supported by IDAProjects and Beijing Film Academy.

The Parer Place Project s an innovative outdoor projection exhibition series celebrating the moving image in all its forms - film, television, games, new media and art. The Urban Screens are solely dedicated to providing a digital canvas for emerging or experimental artists, with artworks animating the bold architecture of QUT's Creative Industries Precinct each night at dusk.

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