Parer Place

Motion Picture

where Parer Place Urban Screens

when 16 – 29 May 2016

time 6.30pm – 9.30pm nightly

tickets Free | No booking required


Artist names:
Benjamin Crowley, Simone Hine, Daniel McKewan, Llewellyn Millhouse, Anita Holtsclaw, Grant Stevens

Project info:
Motion Picture considers art's relationship to the cinematic through the work of six contemporary Australian artists. At first glance, the content and style of these works are seemingly familiar, however any initial sense of familiarity is quickly undermined as narratives are confused or completely dismantled, well-known scenes are removed from their intended contexts, and common cinematic tropes are obscured and subverted.

Each artist in the show engages with the cinematic in a different way. While some cut and rearrange existing footage to create new sequences, others construct their own cinematic moments based on familiar tropes and scenes that feel like something the viewer has seen many times before. Despite their differences, the works are drawn together through commonalities such repetition, subversion and anticipation.


Simone HINE
11:35am 2010
Digital video
2:04, looped