Parer Place


where Parer Place Urban Screens

when 6 -12 October (except 9 October)

time 6.30pm - 9.30pm nightly

tickets Free


The 2014 screening program, Flawed Symmetry, is an exploration of artists who negotiate the tumultuous field of conflict. This expression of fray is often visual and conceptual in nature. This year's program aims to present an in-depth look at how artists use their medium to explore both personal and universal issues surrounding conflict, while also highlighting the symmetries between these types of practices and their audiences.

Nina Ross is a Melbourne-based artist working predominantly with video, performance and photography. With a strong research-lead practice, her current work explores learning and speaking languages and the repercussions on the body. Nina's videos speak to a wide audience, relevant to current global issues, while giving a voice to the personal in this broader experience.

Finding a voice is a series of performance video works drawn from Ross' ongoing interest in language acquisition. After living in Norway for several years and learning the language, she explores the appropriation of words; how one can take a language (foreign, patriarchal or mother tongue) and make it one's own. Language only exists in the interaction with the other and it is within this exchange that meaning is created for the individual. Ross investigates how learning a language influences and disrupts identity; the process of learning a second tongue involves adapting and adjusting to knowing or not knowing oneself in an unfamiliar language. These works discuss the duality and tension of having two languages sitting inside oneself and as a consequence, having one's identity in a constant state of flux.


The Language Between Us 2012
video still