Parer Place

Parer Place

The Parer Place Urban Screens are located at the Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) Creative Industries Precinct, Australia's first site dedicated to creative experimentation and commercial development in the creative industries. The Screens are solely dedicated to providing a digital canvas for emerging or experimental artists.

Parer Place Project is an ongoing nightly curated program of screenings on the Parer Place Urban Screens. Collaborating with local, national and international screening partners across Australasia, America, and Europe, the Parer Place Project has contributed significantly to the presentation of moving image and digital media works within the public domain, having presented over 60 shows since its inception in 2006. Using WATCHOUT multi-display software, The Project has a dual focus on the exploration of display and spatial design, as well as curatorial methodologies for digital media.

Parer Place Project celebrates the moving image in all its forms – film, new media, animation and art – with an annual screening program adhering to a specific theme or focus and peer-to-peer exchanges with international institutions from around the world, supporting an international exhibition profile for QUT students and alumni and highlighting current international trends.


Till Nowak, The Experience of Fliehkraft, Prix Ars Electronica 2011 (02:36)