Parer Place Partners

Streaming Museum, New York

Streaming Museum is a hybrid museum that presents multi-media exhibitions in cyberspace and in public spaces on 7 continents. It also presents live programming through a variety of partnerships worldwide.

Produced and broadcast in New York City, Streaming Museum nonetheless has a truly global presence, and collaborates with a variety of cultural and educations organizations, prominent visual and performing artists, curators and visionaries to generate content.

Streaming Museum showcases the role the arts and technology play in global society and creates opportunities for fostering artistic and cultural understanding worldwide. Furthermore, its dedication to exhibiting art in public spaces and online ensures greater demographic exposure to the arts, which have proven value in enhancing quality of life and economic prosperity for cities. With Streaming Museum, art of all cultures is presented side-by-side symbolizing the international community's interconnectedness and emphasizing the invaluable contributions that all cultures provide.

Streaming Museum is inspired by the Korean-American artist Nam June Paik, who in the 1970s anticipated the Internet, predicting an “electronic superhighway” as an open and free medium for imagination and cultural exchange.

Launching on January 29, 2008, the 2nd anniversary of Mr. Paik's death, Streaming Museum presented, "Good Morning Mr. Orwell" (1984) as its inaugural exhibition. On the occasion, it simultaneously broadcasted Mr. Paik's benchmark video artwork at one public screen on each continent. Ever since, Streaming Museum exhibitions have been accessible online and at over 50 international locations, including partnering urban screens, arts festivals, and cultural centres.

The website presents the current exhibitions on view in public spaces internationally, and provides information on past exhibitions and thematically related programs such as performances, opening events, and lectures. The Arts In World Focus comprises a wide range of articles, essays and video broadcasts that cover diverse perspectives of the role of technology and the arts in global society.