Parer Place Tech Specs

Tech Specs

File Formats

All works need to be converted into MPEG-4 with audio (if applicable). If any problems arise with this format on delivery of the works, further steps may be taken with the conversion of the file.

Projection Sizes (Actual pixel sizes)

Single projection = 1024 x 768 pix (4:3)

Dual projection = 2048 x 768 pix (8:3)

Delivery Preference and Times

The works are best delivered as data files. Anything with a DVD menu complicates the extraction of the video (e.g. quality deterioration) which is necessary to run the work through the projectors.

The works must be delivered at least four weeks before the start of the exhibition. The number and source of works may result in this timeline being increased.

Work Details

The following details need to accompany the work on delivery:

  • Artist name
  • Year made
  • Title of work
  • Duration
  • Sound / Silent
  • Colour / Black & White
  • A print quality still image of the work (300DPI)

Display Options

There are multiple options for image placement/display design on the screens:

  • Utilisation of either the right or left screen
  • Centred display using both screens
  • Simultaneous use of both screens
  • Alternating display between left and right screens
  • Depending on the video size formatting the work into a grid
  • Have the work with or without the title for the entire duration of the work
  • Utilise position / scale / rotation / crop / opacity or volume for creative screen display