WHEREThe Block
WHEN20 July to 7 August 2010
CONTACT07 3138 5495

QUT presents a unique exhibition devoted entirely to machinima. Machinima combines filmmaking, animation and game development in a real-time 3D virtual video game environment like Second Life, The Sims and World of Warcraft.

The exhibition features an historical timeline of machinima works with over 60 examples on display; from the first clunky DIY video game films created using games like Quake and Doom in the mid-90s, to contemporary film and artworks by internationally acclaimed artists like Friedrich Kirschner.

Fans can also get reacquainted with classic video games in the Gamers' Lounge.

Opening hours
Tuesday & Wednesday 2.00pm - 6.30pm
Thursday & Friday 2.00pm - 7.30pm
Saturday 4.00pm - 7.30pm

Supported by
Queensland Academy for Creative Industries

Public programs supported by

Brigit Lichtenegger, '4Jetpacks4', 2009, machinima still (detail). Courtesy of Brigit Lichtenegger, Bryn Oh, Nonnatus Korhonen, Glyph Graves, Creative Machinery and the Virtual Art Initiative.

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What you're saying about Machinima...

  • So that's what it's all about! There must be so much more to come. It's finding an audience which is the most interesting, YouTube obviously, but to see work in an exhibition of this sort is amazingly out of its context and creates a difference experience entirely. The singular and double headphones take it back the to YouTube experience once again... immersing.
  • Fascinating, all of it... exposed me to a whole new (and very different) type of "filmmaking" and to top it off it was entertaining, which isn't always the case.

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