Twelve Fives: 2006-2009

WHEREParer Place Screen (outdoor)
WHEN5 to 20 January 2010
CONTACT07 3138 5495

Iain Anderson discovered a way to document his experiences overseas by editing hours of footage into brief yet mesmerizing videos of his travels. Showing on the Parer Place Screens over summer, Twelve Fives is comprised of twelve video shots, each five seconds long.

Anderson's Twelve Fives presents the essence of cities, coastlines and the land between broken down into moments, bottling the very nature of the area. Landscapes, whether they are of cement buildings or the vast ocean, pulse into layers of pattern, colour and light.

By removing any decision about how long a shot should be, each piece settles into a rhythm which allows you to focus on the content and not the way it is edited. The short length of each shot also discourages excessive movement or panning.

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Curated by
Rose Feely

From dusk until 9.00pm

The PARER PLACE PROJECT is an innovative outdoor projection exhibition series celebrating the moving image in all its forms - film, television, games, new media and art. The Parer Place Screens are solely dedicated to providing a digital canvas for emerging or experimental artists, with artworks animating the bold architecture of QUT's Creative Industries Precinct each night at dusk.

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