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The Block (Z3)


Saturday 11 February


9am – 12pm (ages 10 – 16)
1pm – 4pm (ages 16+)





ReForm: Cut, Copy, Paste, Zine!!

In this workshop you will learn and create your own 3–4 page zine. A zine is typically a noncommercial, often homemade or online publication, usually devoted to a specialised and unconventional subject matter.

Street art is part of an independent attitude and movement of creative expression, and zines are an important element of this community, capturing the attitudes and creative work through the lens of the authors. Zines are the perfect tool to build and support community, as well as a great voice for the voiceless. Poets and visual artists have also used zines as a cheap and unique way to showcase their work. In this workshop you will learn and create your own 3–4 page zine.

Jeremy Staples' work is all about creating spaces for community engagement that provides a platform for people to be heard and opportunities for skill share. He has published dozens of zines including his American travel zine Whenever I See a Bearded Hobo on the Street, I'll Think of You and Smile, bilingual portrait photography zine Faces of Nippon, and Toowoomba's legendary music and arts zine Bizoo.

Staples is also responsible for co-founding the Zine and Indie Comic Symposium (ZICS) and curating Copier Jam!, an exhibition of underground publishers. DIY isn't a philosophy that operates on the weekends. From building an off-grid container home, to cycling to Sydney from Brisbane and presenting a talk at the Vivid Ideas festival, Staples lives and breathes DIY or, as he prefers, DIT – Do It Together.

Presented by

Brisbane Street Art Festival and The Brisbane Collective

Supported by

Queensland University of Technology