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The Loft


13 – 17 November





Empathic Gestures

Affect, at its most anthropomorphic, is the name we give to those forces — visceral forces beneath, alongside, or generally other than conscious knowing, vital forces insisting beyond emotion — that can serve to drive us toward movement, toward thought and extension ...

(Gregg and Seigworth, 2010, p. 1)

Empathic Gestures is one of the outcomes from a transdisciplinary practice-led PhD project that considers knowledge and practice from across visual art, dance practices and psychoanalysis. The creative work is an exploration of inner experience through affect, a kind of knowing that is present within, and is the driving force in my making process – emerging with a gasp or an uncontrolled gesture.

Exhibition opening times

Monday2pm – 6pm
Tuesday12pm – 4pm
Wednesday4pm – 8pm
Thursday2pm – 6pm
Friday10am – 2pm


Genine Larin is a visual artist whose practice navigates phenomenological feelings, sensations and emotions via speculative sculptural and video compositions exhibited in immersive installations. She is pursuing a practice-led transdisciplinary PhD exploring affect, empathy and gesture informed by the disciplines of Visual Art, Dance and Psychology.