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The Block (Z3)


Sunday 26 February


Ages 10 – 16
9am – 12pm

Ages 16+
1pm – 4pm






In this workshop you will learn about street art practice principles, begin to explore how to create your own paste-up art, and start mapping out your first visual campaign. You will be assigned dedicated time to practicing your new skills on our pop-up graf wall and develop a public campaign with impact.

Celebrated across the globe, street art has become a meaningful carriage of artistic expression and discussion between artists and their communities. Street artists often create artworks as a visual campaign, where multiple elements of the artwork are strategically placed in public spaces to communicate to a broader public. Predominantly street art carries a political tone or social message; this is often one of the key motivations for street artists to spread their work across the city.

Shani Finch is a young emerging artist from Brisbane, who uses an array of techniques and materials to convey her art. Shani's works are designed to stimulate an open dialogue about her chosen subject matter. As an accomplished artistic practitioner Shani will offer an insight into the world of creative professional practice through the lens of street art. For this workshop, Shani will be sharing her knowledge of paste-up street art whilst demonstrating techniques to develop the necessary skills to have you crafting your own paste-up campaign in no time.

Presented by

Brisbane Street Art Festival and The Brisbane Collective

Supported by

Queensland University of Technology