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The Block (Z3)


Sunday 12 February


9am – 12pm (ages 10 – 16)
1pm – 4pm (ages 16+)






In this workshop you will learn the art of slap ups. Participants will be guided through a number of activities in image making and manipulation through to creating and slapping up on our pop up graf wall.

Slap ups (AKA Sticker Art) have played an important role in street art culture as a way to cross pollinate between mediums and creative movements. Through techniques such as collage and image manipulation, Slap ups have provided a platform for street artists to create unique imagery that attempts to subvert the commercial nature of mass media.

Slap up artists often trade their work with one another in order to expand the reach and scope of distribution within their communities. An artist's stickers may be distributed through this worldwide network and end up in places they themselves have never travelled to.

PhilB is a Brisbane based artist who predominantly works with paint markers and aerosol. PhilB's practice adopts an eclectic approach toward materials allowing him to create a diverse range of imagery. Most notably PhilB is known for his viking characters which can be seen around the streets of Brisbane. PhilB's passion is the art of sticker craft and mural painting.

Presented by

Brisbane Street Art Festival and The Brisbane Collective

Supported by

Queensland University of Technology