where The Block

when 21 July - 8 August 2014

times Monday to Friday 2pm-6pm

With a rich history of experimentation and rapid uptake of new technologies, Animation is consistently at the forefront of creative innovation in art concerned with movement, space and time.

Often pushing the boundaries between art, film and media technology, artist animators work in an interdisciplinary space that expands well beyond Disney and Pixar.

Presenting a diverse range of animated works, ANtIMATION highlights the many materials and techniques used by animators to create diverse visual languages through moving image.

Artists include:

Philipp Artus (GERMANY)

Igor Coric (AUSTRALIA)

Piotr Dumała (POLAND)

Dustin Grella (USA)

Max Hattler (UK)

Don Hertzfeldt (USA)

Chris Howlett (AUSTRALIA)

jonobr1 + lullatone (USA)

Jules & Miles (AUSTRALIA)

Isobel Knowles & Van Sowerwine (AUSTRALIA)

Aaron Koblin (USA)

nerdworking (ISTANBUL)

Merri Randell (AUSTRALIA)

Georgie Roxby-Smith (AUSTRALIA)

Education programs

Animate This!

Holiday workshops

Get animated at QUT Creative Industries Precinct these holidays with our series of hands-on animation workshops. Try out different methods of animating and have your work displayed in the exhibition.

Holiday workshops: Robo-mation Ages 8 - 12 (program completed July 4)

Holiday workshops: Stop Motion Animation Ages 8 - 12 & 12 - 16

Holiday workshops: Animate This! Ages 12+


Don Hertzfeld
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