SankƆfa Dreaming

where The Block

when 2 - 3 July

time 11am - 6pm

tickets Free

contact ciprecinct@qut.edu.au

SankƆfa Dreaming investigates the possibilities of producing experimental films that provide a creative and critical response to filmic Eurocentric tropes and representations of "Other". Responses are expressed through the use of a number of legacy narratives and alternative aesthetics contained in the productions. In particular, this exhibition interrogates a historical incident of domestic and sexual enslavement and its legacy through a series of six experimental films.

SankƆfa [sic] is an Akan [West African] principle that involves revisiting the spiritual teachings found in cultural traditions and applying these insights to the present circumstance as a way of understanding and managing legacy.

Pauline Casely-Hayford's creative practice has been exhibited, screened and published nationally and internationally.


Courtesy the artist