Parer Place

London Winterreise

where Parer Place Urban Screens

when 17 March - 5 April

time 6.30 - 9.30pm Nightly

tickets Free


Parer Place Urban Screens presents a new piece by London-based German artist Rut Blees Luxemburg. While Luxemburg predominantly works with a photographic medium at night, London Winterreise is an invigorating exploration of the moving image using similar tropes and visual aesthetic.


London Winterreise 2013 6:03

It all starts with the image of a ruin, the last remnant of an ancient city. Slowly the journey begins, creeping along the roads of a desolate, dirty London. People waiting – like abandoned zombies of capitalism – stand by while the journey continues into the heart of the city. Before reaching the Bank of England, built in the neo-classical style, that recalls the first ruin, the tent city of Occupy passes by.

All the while Schubert's Wanderer evokes his lost love, the soundtrack of German Romanticism as a prism to understand the contemporary city, its alienation, its divisions and its melancholic pleasures.

The journey passes the tents again, this time, all is left is the remnant of the protest, another ruin, a site of wilful destruction. The Wanderer's voice passes from anger to soothing, he does not want to awaken the Dreamer from her sleep ...


Courtesy of the artist.

The Parer Place Urban Screens present an innovative outdoor projection exhibition series celebrating the moving image in all its forms - film, television, games, new media, animation and art. The Urban Screens are solely dedicated to providing a digital canvas for emerging or experimental artists, with artworks animating the bold architecture of QUT's Creative Industries Precinct each night at dusk.